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      looking for pollen of phoenix canariensis
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    • AMIT  »  Eric in Orlando

      Hi Eric, 
      I am a new member of this group and my search for Ficus Benghalensis got me to this forum.
      For the last 3 to 4 years I am trying to grow a bonsai out of a banyan tree cutting. When I last came to Florida in 2017, I was able to get 4 or 5 cuttings. However, none survived. I even got some from Hawaii a month ago but I think I got impatient and they are not surviving.
      As you have mentioned Ficus Benghalensis in your posts, I wanted to make a request. Is there a way you can help me get a few cuttings which I can then use to grow bonsai here in New York at my home? As a child in India I have grown climbing these trees and having a small plant at home will definitely bring a lot of Joy. I do intend moving to Florida ultimately so that I can grow all tropical plants in my backyard but retirement is far away ...I suspect another 15 years. 
      Of course, I am happy to pay for shipping and other costs. You may find my request strange, as I just joined the group. However, I see no harm in asking as I am very very keen on having this plant grow in my living room.
      I can share my email and other details, if you think you can help me.
      Kind regards,
      Amit Roy 
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