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    • Vidalii  »  Richie

      Hi Richie I tried to contact Andrew no good so maybe you or Shane might be interested  I have for sale 1rhapis excelsa Bali giant, there are only 4in qld and my son has taken 3back to Brisbane I want one to stay in the north. I am moving back to wa. I would like a palm enthusiast to get it , I can sell it easy if not. I am after $100.00 for it I can honestly say I paid almost 3times that 10years ago if interested 47886481. Marty
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    • Vidalii  »  Tropicgardener

      Hi Andrew I met you at the palmetum a couple of years ago. I have for sale a Rhapis Bali giant,  I. Had four 3 have gone to Brisbane with my son, I would like one to stay in the north, they are the only ones in qld, if you or Richie or Shane would be interested, I am asking $100.00to palmtalkers only. Cost me a lot more I can say 10years ago,but I am moving back to wa and can’t take it       Marty
      · 0 replies
    • Del Norte  »  Jeff Anderson

      Hi Jeff,
      Did you use to have a different Palm Talk name like Ag Agent? If so, did/do you still have a parajubaea in Las Cruces? I'd be fascinated to see how those palms fare there.
      Do you know of any horticultural or palm clubs/groups in El Paso/Las Cruces area? I was just asking Chris Anderson from Albuquerque if he knew of any palms groups around the area. I used to live in Las Cruces when I was in Jr High. Then went back to Juárez when my dad finished his grad school. Now I live in LA but go back to visit my folks in EP regularly. I've always been interested in palms and other plants that can do well in our high desert climate, including palms, cycads, eucalyptus, agaves, citrus.
      Btw, I will check to see if I have any other P. theophrastii's hiding amongst other plants back in EP. Let's keep on chatting.
      All the best,
      · 6 replies
    • PalmTreeDude

      Hurry up Spring!!!!
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    • frienduvafrond  »  beliz1985

      I saw some seeds on ebay. I
      · 0 replies
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