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      There has been some confusion regarding the Messaging System on PalmTalk - and what is private and what is posted publicly. I've been asked to explain the two. There are two forms of messages - what I will call "Private Messages" which are Private, and "Activity Messages" which are public. A Private Message is designated with an envelope icon. It is available at the top of every page (click it and use "Compose New"). It is also accessible by hovering over a User's name or Avatar and clicking the envelope icon. Or it is also available on a User's Profile Page - at the top - again, with the envelope icon. Anywhere you see this envelope icon, you can click it and send a Private Message. An "Activity Message" is public. These are the "What's on your Mind" and "Leave a Message on [User X's] Feed" boxes where you can leave a public message directly as a Status Update (on your Profile or Main PT Page) or on a User's Profile Page - which updates his Status Update and also posts on PT's Main Status Update Page. These are "Activities" and labeled as such on the Profile Pages.  What is confusing is that both options (Private and Activity) are available on a User's Profile Page.  Just remember, that if you want to send a Private Message, use the envelope icon link - wherever you see it. That will get you to the Private Messaging Center. Any other "Status Update," like "What's on your Mind," or "Leave a Message on [so-and-so's] Feed," is public. I would make it less confusing if I could, but I can't.
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    • colin Peters  »  Bruh

      The Loulu in the pictures with Ray are tall, and more normal looking palms, for the genus. But the Kuliouou ones are extremely stunted and squat. Products of their very windy environment. My best guess is they are also very old, by what is growing on the fat curved trunks.
      I know you are interested in Pritchardia, also. I have a special connection with Bakeri, since it is in the valley that my wife's family has settled in for well over 100yrs, and since they are Hawaiian they have a strong connection to the Aina, and have deep respect for it, and want to protect the last remaining natives that are up there.  aloha
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    • colin Peters  »  Bruh

      I am familiar with the effort to get the natives into public plantings. Not sure how it has gone either, but I know no one has collected seed from the Kuliouou group, but they have from the Pupukea one. Have been watching them for a few years now, and it is an extremely difficult process. Most rot before maturity. It takes about 2 yrs from flower to mature seed. Without help they are eaten by rats, I would safely say 100 percent. There is a second group of them on a near vertical wall, also in the Kuliouou area. I have yet to rope down to them, but have noticed with binoculars that the flower spikes are way past the leaves, so likely Baker. There are pictures of them I took, in palmpedia. Here is Ray with his namesake.  aloha

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    • colin Peters  »  Bruh

      I got a couple seedlings if you want them. Would never sell , but happy to give to someone
      who would respect where they come from, and their rarity. They are soon to become on the endangered list, so the legality will be difficult in the future. 
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    • Ilovepalm  »  DoomsDave

      I replied to your message and wait for a response.
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    • Straight6tt  »  _Keith

      What is the best nursery in or around new orleans for palms?
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