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Rare Palm Seedlings March 2024 (Australia Only)


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A variety of rare and collector’s palms for sale ranging from seedling size to juvenile specimens. These species are not typically available at nurseries and generally hard to find, some are quite rare and a couple possibly not offered before in Aus. 

Palms can be sent express post at buyer’s expense to non quarantine states complete with their pots and soil unless specified. For quarantine states, you will need to engage a concierge service and plants will likely need to be barerooted at your risk which I do not recommend. Pick up available from Mentone, VIC 3194.

Refer to the photo for the full price list. I will also consider swapping for other rare palm species. 

PM me for any orders or enquiries including growing advice and photos of actual specimens on sale. 

I’ll throw in 1 free R sapida or C radicalis for ANY order! 


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Tim Brisbane

Patterson Lakes, bayside Melbourne, Australia

Rarely Frost

2005 Minimum: 2.6C,  Maximum: 44C

2005 Average: 17.2C, warmest on record.

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