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Chamaerops Humilis, 15 degree hard freeze.

Ed Askew

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So far, we have had a colder than normal winter in South Mississippi.  We saw 15 degrees F in early January.  I know it's not over.  I have over 100 sabal palms, both S. Louisiana and S. Palmetto.  8 of the S. Palmettos are over 20 feet tall.  The larger sabals have gone dormant, and there is a bit of a singe on the tips of the fronds, not unusual.  The rest are totally unfazed.  I have 3 Chamaerops; the largest is about 6 feet tall.  They all have some freeze damage.  The lower fronds are all brown and about 1/3 of the upper fronds have some browning.  These palms saw 9 degrees F one winter and were totally defoliated, but usually they will hang on to their fronds down to 15F.  The cycads around here are all totally brown, except for mine.  I cover mine if it's going to be <25F and I have just some singing.

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