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IPS Adventures and History

Cindy Adair

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We decided to let everyone here on PT read the just released IPS newsletter (see link below) because it discusses important benefactor information plus some introductory information about our New Caledonia adventure! 

We do NOT plan to post all future newsletters here so don’t miss out!

Take a moment to sign up as a member of the IPS by clicking this link https://palms.org/membership/

and joining at whatever level is right for you, beginning at FREE, no strings attached.

Later you can private message Palm Mod so he can add “IPS member” to your PT profile and expand your PT experience with longer search time and ability to sell items and more.

Future IPS newsletters will also arrive directly to your inbox.

Click on the link below to see lots of great stories of travel and history chock full of photos of people and palms!



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Cindy Adair

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Thank you Cindy for posting this. The London midterm was another terrific example of how much fun, we have traveling together. We are now on the cusp of opening registration for the New Caledonia biennial, which I genuinely believe will be the best biennial ever. Stay tuned to these pages to learn more. Thank you.

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