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Michael (Miguel Pasqual) has passed


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After a brief battle with cancer our friend Miguel Pasqual has passed away. Like probably a few of you I have been most recently his Facebook friend. But I met him here years ago for the first time. He was that one of a kind person. 

"You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes"---SliPknot


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RIP @aussiearoids...Michael always posted the coolest pics and insight on plants from the deep tropics. 


Katy, TX (Zone 9a)

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yes he was aussiearoids here, on Facebook he was Miguel Pasqual. Either way he was a force of nature and will be sorely missed

"You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes"---SliPknot


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trips to NQ will not be the same again without you mate. was great to catch up at the end of April before you left your beloved garden and went down to Maryborough for treatment. 

thanks for the 25 years of sharing humor, seed and a sneaky beer before the trip south. gone but never forgotten. yes ive some aroids he palmed to me trying to encourage my interests in exotica.!!

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