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Zamia variegata - Male or female?

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My Zamia variegata has grown a cone which I think is male, though the Internet photos and descriptions that I have located seem to be as confused as I am at times.





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1 hour ago, Merlyn said:

I saw this article, as well as many others, prior to posting, and it shows 2 photos of Z. Variegata cones without mention of whether they are 1 male and 1 female, 2 males or two females...


shows a photo of chubby shorter cones which they claim are female while


shows a photo of female cones which looks exactly like what others have been calling male cones

hence my question which hopefully, someone with Z. variegata male and female plants, or knowledge thereof, can answer without any doubt

I'm actually leaning towards male


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It will be pretty easy to cut it open when it is spent and see if there are seeds inside.  Unless you have pollinators in your area, it will be unlikely they are viable without human intervention.   Initial impression was male, but you can also continue observing to see if it continues to elongate which will increase probability it is male.

33.0782 North -117.305 West  at 72 feet elevation

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