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Just visited Josue Diaz's garden from Palmtalk yesterday

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I moved to Fresno, CA just a year ago, and I began planting King Palms. Unfortunately, I didn't have any success at the time. Luckily, I found @Josue Diaz in Fresno from Palmtalk, Josue provided me with a lot of great advices about growing palm trees for my area and even invited me to visit his tropical garden, which is filled with hundreds of exotic palm trees that he has grown from seeds. IMG_9469.thumb.jpeg.72203e5317d6c0c293dab8e68e3da606.jpegThese palm trees took years to mature from seed, but also look so cool when they're matured. While I can't name all of them, here are some of the palm trees he gave me:

- Serenoa Repens Silver
- Brahea Hybrid (aka Frankenbrahea)
- Brahea ArmataIMG_9491.thumb.jpeg.416004058995f1deb567212a9131718d.jpeg
- Chambeyronia Macrocarpa WatermelonIMG_9486.thumb.jpeg.47764b8b32df57ffb3a1018f7d85c25f.jpeg
- Sabal BeminhamIMG_9497.thumb.jpeg.b460943a6325b3ff8c795032dd51dd81.jpeg
- Phoenix Rupicola

In addition to the palm trees, Josue has a beautiful section dedicated to Aloe trees, including varieties like Hurcules, Ferox, huge Thraskii, Speciosa, and many more that he grows from seeds. Furthermore, he also has a Ceiba Speciosa, which I had never seen before in person. This tree has large conical spines on the trunk, giving it them unique appearance, and they produce beautiful flowers like orchids. After showing me around for an hour now, I have gained a wealth of knowledge about the exotic palm trees that can thrive in Fresno, extending beyond the native species. It's great to meet people on here, and thanks to @Josue Diaz for his support and guidance.🙏🏽

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