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Southwestern U.S. and California Spring and Summer 2023 Wx ....The "Seasons of many questions" ahead thread..


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After what has been quite a remarkable, and completely out-of-the-blue winter, that doesn't seem to want to end as we head into the spring,  just what lies ahead this year..  Simply put, lots of questions..

***How quickly will the low desert snap from our extended mild/ occasionally showery ( and snowy ) pattern, to the frying pan?

*** Will California whiplash from the present and persistent cool / cold / wet pattern to hot and dry -by their standards-, or will " Nice / ideal Spring Weather" keep getting kicked down the road until ...June...?  If the state does head into a prolonged warm / hot episode, how will this effect how quickly a gi- normus amount of snowpack in the Sierras / mountains near the CA/ Ore. border melts? ..And the implications for areas down stream??

*** Despite all the rain / Snow, just exactly how all of that could effect the current Hydro concerns for both Lake Mead and Powell over the next  few months, and as we head toward Monsoon season later?

*** " Little"  'Nino, or a Major one ahead? ..And what either outcome could mean for the Monsoon Season / E. Pac. Hurricane season ahead.. Dry, intensely hot -all  summer-,  and mournful,  like 2019 or '20? ..or tolerably hot, and decently wet like last year, '21, '18, ..or some other wetter " in between " ENSO cycle years.  Could this years E. Pac. Hurricane season be a year of Chaos, or weirdly quiet, ..despite the evolution of a looming El Nino?

...We'll figure it out as we go along..  As has been the on-going theme of late, Thinking Spring / Summer 2023 should be quite interesting.. Hopefully in a good way..

For the moment, it is looking like California may get a decent / nice break from the consistently sloppy wet and chilly weather of late, and we may get our first taste of life back on the frying pan soon ...If a pattern change occurs as is currently suggested by some model data ( See my last post in the " S.W / CA.  Fall / winter " Thread. )


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