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Hello, i was just curious about the difference between peeled and non peeled seeds of trachycarpus fortunei, the little black fruit or flesh or whatever you want to call it surrounding the seed itself. I’m not talking about the dry part which is more of a thin thin skin on the outside that goes away easily, but I’m talking about peeling the black part of the seed with a small knife or fingernails to get through the “flesh”. Does it speed up the germination if you peel it or does it just hurt the seed itself, maybe it’s better to leave the black part on. I’m going to do a little experiment here where i try sowing both. Does anyone have any experiences with this and can share their thoughts/results, would be interesting to see :)


(the seed above in the picture is the peeled one and the seed below is just a normal one where i left the black fruit thingy on)


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