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i want to buy seeds

נטע השווה

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who have seeds for shade loving palms? 

these & others 

Chamaedorea stolonifera
Chamaedorea metallica
Chamaedorea geonomiformis
Chamaedorea rossteniorum
Chamaedorea dammeriana
Chamaedorea nubium
Chamaedorea ernesti-augusti

Areca ridleyana
Licuala fordiana
Licuala ferruginea
Licuala triphylla
Licuala thoana
Licuala pusilla
Licuala glabra
Licuala sallehana
Licuala khoonmengii
Licuala peekelii

Pinanga gracilis
Wallichia caryotoides
Wallichia marianneae
Wallichia siamensis
Iguanura polymorpha
Iguanura elegans
Iguanura bicornis
Iguanura curvata
Iguanura macrostachya
Iguanura asli
Iguanura melinauensis
Iguanura sanderiana
Iguanura tenuis

Calyptrocalyx hollrungii
Calyptrocalyx sp. 'kainlas'
Calyptrocalyx arfakianus
Calyptrocalyx yamutumene

Pinanga aristata
Pinanga auriculata
Pinanga densiflora

Pinanga salicifolia
Pinanga veitchii

Dypsis mirabilis
Dypsis cookei
Geonoma cuneata
Geonoma pinnatifrons
Reinhardtia simplex
Reinhardtia latisecta
Reinhardtia gracilis
Desmoncus mitis
Bactris charnleyae
Bactris simplicifrons
Salacca flabellata
Synechanthus dasystachys
Chelyocarpus repens

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