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high humidity and winterized Mexcan fan palm


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Do I need to be concerned about the high humidity my Mexican fan palm is showing while it's boxed up for winter. it's been hitting over 90% while the mule palm only 10 feet (  about 3 meters) away is showing  humidity in the 70's on average. The crown of the Washingtonia was sprayed with copper fungicide before boxing up and I am scratching my head why both palms are showing such different humidity readings when they are so close together. Today the humidity in the box hit 97% in the box. I read online that leaves can actually turn brown and dry due to high humidity? Should I be overly concerned. thanks.

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How did this turn out? 

I don't know what effects humidity may have when combined with long winters. Do you also have an average of the temperature in the box? And how long was it in the box? 

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A year late but hopefully this helps. Only if it was in it for a long period of time. They are versatile but are very top sensitive i also read. If you have to protect it during winter but have to worry about humidity I would get a windmill Palm as a fan Palm alternative 

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