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New Fresh Cycad and Palm Seeds


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We are expected to get the following seeds in around two weeks.
1.Cycas debaoensis, USD 35/5 seeds, USD 60/10 seeds
2. Cycas multipinnata, USD 130/5 seeds,USD 260/10 seeds
3. Cycas multipinnata X micholitzii, USD130/5 seeds,USD260/10 seeds
4. Cyas guizhouensis, USD33/5 seeds, USD 55/10 seeds
5. Cycas fairylake, USD33/5 seeds, USD 55/10 seeds
6. Cycas diannanensis, USD 55/ 10 seeds
1. Trachycarpus fortunei Tesan   USD25/50 seeds
2. Trachycarpus fortunei Winsan , USD 20/ 50 seeds, 
3. Trachycarpus sp. Nova,  USD25/50 seeds
4 Trachycarpus sp.   a possible hybrid between T. princeps and Nova,    USD30/50 seeds
5. Lanonia dasyantha,USD10/10 seeds,  USD28/30 seeds
6. Lanonia hainnensis,USD 10/10 seeds,  USD 25/30 seeds
7. Guihaia argyrata, USD 8/10 seeds, USD 25/50 seeds
8. Chuniophoenix hainanensis, USD30/30 seeds, USD  80/100 seeds
Fruit or medicinal-use  plants.
1. Camelia nitidissima (rare golden-camellia), USD 20 /5 seeds, 
very rare golden-camellia with genuinely yellow-golden flowers 
For any questions, contact me at cnnursery@yahoo.com or PM here.
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Thank you guys for your attention.

All the prices above include shipment .

We have not yet collected C.ferruginea or panzhihuanensis  seeds. I will keep you posted if we we are lucky to collect any.


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Do you know if you'll have any princeps seeds this year?

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Sorry we failed to collect T.princeps this year.But apart from T.f. Tesan and Nova-wide ,we have just collected a new form of Trachycarpus  , a possible hybrid between princeps and nova  , as well as multi-trunked Trachycarpus for the first time in decades.

Those who are interested in any of the seeds or have any questions, please PM me privately.



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Late to the game on this, but do you have any Guihaia seeds left? Thanks.

Oakley, California

55 Miles E-NE of San Francisco, CA

Solid zone 9, I can expect at least one night in the mid to low twenties every year.

Hot, dry summers. Cold, wet winters.

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Are the C. multipinnata genetically pure multipinnata that will grow true to type? I know there have been lots of hybrid seeds passing for this species, and they are expensive, so please forgive my asking. Were they hand pollinated from definite pure multipinnatas? Could you maybe post photos of the parent plants? Assuming you still have any seeds. I'm interested in obtaining seeds of this species.


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On 2/3/2023 at 10:17 PM, fr8train said:

I got my seeds today, thanks :greenthumb:

They've started sprouting this week 🌴👍

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My Lanonia dasyantha seeds were sprouting in the bag when they arrived, and are finally opening their first leaves.




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