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Fertilizer for coconut palms


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So this is what I got for my coconut palms for fertilizing them. I did give them some liquid feed 3 weeks back it was a chemical fertilizer. I'd rather shy away from that and try to build a healthy soil biology to in turn help this tree be healthier and more robust. The kelp is more for a little boost here and there and to reduce transplant stress. What do you guys think of these for long term fertilizer for coconut palms?



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It’s hard to say because the labels don’t say what the ingredients actually are. And the analysis of 8-4-6 is very basic. None of the minors are listed. Kelp is usually fine with pretty much any plant because it is a very mild fertilizer. The debate of organic stuff being better has been back and forth but I would say if you are ok with the cost, by all means go organic. Coconuts are not particular about their fertilizer requirements and as they grow large, it could get expensive to use only organics.

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