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Good morning fellow palm growers! Since this is my first post, I thought I’d briefly introduce myself. I’m originally from Canada (born and raised), and permanently moved to LA in 2018. I’ve always loved palm trees due to how elegant they are, and how awesome they look. Not to mention seeing the growth of all that time and effort right before your eyes lol. I’ve spent a solid 2-4 years learning and researching tons of information about the various palm species, soil requirements, what to look for in nutrient deficiencies, etc. I finally decided to pick up my first Mexican fan palm April 21st, 2022. The grower I got it from had germinated it in this clay-sand like mixture. I had decided to re-pot it about a month after, because I wasn’t seeing any new growth whatsoever.. and upon doing so, I found that some of the roots were looking like some root rot happening.. I trimmed off the bad stuff, removed roughly 85% of the clay-sand mixture, stuck it in a 2 gallon pot with MiracleGrow palm soil, gave it some TLC and hoped for the best. Fast forward to right as I write this post, I’m absolutely blown away! 3rd frond is starting to come up! First picture (top) is the day I got it (April 21st, 2022) second photo (bottom) is from just now (June 6th, 2022). Anybody know why one frond is bent in the middle like that? And if I can cut off the brown tips? 



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its normal, since the leaf isn't that broad you can just push it back into place but it doesn't hurt it if its bent, it might get more sun actually.

Cutting off the brown tips does nothing, but it will make where you cut it start to turn brown so its best to leave it unless its 1/3 the leaf or more

Inground-   1x Syagrus romanzoffiana 2x Livingstona Chinensis 5x Phoenix Robelleni 

In Pots-  3x Sabal Mexicana 5x Phoenix dactylifera 4x Sabal Palmetto 3x Livingstona Chinensis 3x Ravenea Rivularis 6x Cycas Revoluta

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