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Chamaerops humilis


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I don't see a thread for Chamaerops so here's my contribution.  

Green form, around 15 gal size, in ground, subject to 7 days where it only got above freezing once for a few hours (during the PNW Arctic Outbreak around Christmas of 2021 through New Years.  Ultimate low of 16f.  Zero apparent damage, and that was a month ago.   I have a smaller one in the ground, around 1 gallon size, very small.  It was covered with an upside down tote box and no heat.  Also no apparent damage.  I don't know what the limits of this palm are but I honestly expected some kind of damage to show.  I'm impressed. 

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I'll add to this as well. Report from 2021/2022 Vancouver Island freeze (late enough now that any delayed damage / spear pull would have showed up).  -8.3C was the ultimate low with 3 consecutive days failing to crack 0C. Lots of heavy, wet coastal snow fell before the deep freeze, which may have helped (insulation on the spear / on the fronds).

I have 3 Chamaerops in the ground (2 regular humilis, 1 cerifera). All survived just fine with 0 damage. 

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Zone 8b, Csb (Warm-summer Mediterranean climate). 1,940 annual sunshine hours 
Annual lows-> 19/20: -5.0C, 20/21: -5.5C, 21/22: -8.3C, 22/23: -9.4C, 23/24: 1.1C (so far!)

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