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Lady palm leaves stiff and not opening


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Hello! I got a new lady palm about a month ago, and it seems the leaves have progressively grown very stiff and not opening. It is in a very well lit room without any direct sun rays and i test it’s soil for moisture regularly and watering every 10 days or so as it’s still not too hot or cold here in Victoria Australia. What is going on with my palm mate!? See photos 



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That's how they look when all dried up, but based on picture, your soil does not appear too dry.  When you do water, make sure the soil is actually saturated...,  and that the water is not merely passing through the pot.  Otherwise, I am not sure what the problem would be, these are my favorite indoor palms.


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I reckon that the plant is dead and is only teasing you with the residual colour. They don't usually return from that deep in the grave. I can't help with why.


Cheers Steve

It is not dead, it is just senescence.




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Steve is correct, unfortunately.  They make for terrific indoor palms, but are not very forgiving about missed waterings. They tend not to have good drought tolerance, and once you do notice the issue, it's usually too late.  I once lost a nice large one due to inadequate watering, so learned my lesson the hard why.

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It looks pretty dead, but check the growth points (spears). They will be the last parts to dessicate, and, if they haven't, there might still be hope. It's difficult to see the state of them in your photos.

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