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Growing Sabal minor and Jubaea from seed


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I planted some Sabal minor and Jubaea chilensis seeds around 2 months ago. They havent germinated yet, thats why I would like to ask if I did something wrong. Is it the way I try to germinate them? Maybe the moisture in the box? Do they need light to germinate?

So many questions :blink2:



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My method for Jubaea chilensis and some other information for Sabal minor is available here:


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I can speak about Sabals but I can't grow Jubaeas so don't know much about them except they are not heat loving palms, I believe. And I can tell you that those pots are way too short for any palm. You need containers at least 10 cm tall or taller. Palms put down long radicles. Also, 2 months is no time at all for germinating palms. Germination can take many months up to years. You must be patient. When I pot up ripe Sabal seeds in the fall, they usually don't germinate until the following spring, i.e., 5-6+ months. I grow all my palms outdoors.

RE Sabal seeds. Sabals love heat so if you place pots of seeds on a heating mat they will like it and may germinate a bit faster. Cold/chill, even room temps will hold them up.

RE Jubaea seeds. I'm not sure of this so I hope someone who knows will chime in. I don't believe Jubaeas need bottom heat to germinate. High heat may be harmful so you may want to leave them at room temp.



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