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Fuerteventura Palms

Patrick Palms

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Apart from feather palms like Spindle and Triangle Palms ?

any other palms I could easily grow in full sun, with easy care ?

I did think about Royals and coconut, but wont they need protection, when only 7G size ?


also, any hints of bad attacks of Mealy Bugs ?  

I love Carpoxylon  palms and indica, but fear wind will kill them


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where on the Island are you at? Royals will not need cold protection at 7G, hack even a seddling should be fine in your climate. I highly doubt Coconuts need it either. 

Kentiopsis oliviformis would be interesting. However if you got so much problems with wind killing your small palms how about making a huge hegde perhaps of wind resistance palms? or a very tall fence. 

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