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My phone died so i only have the 1 pic 


Chamaedorea Benezeii (sp?) Getting black spots on the leaflets. Texas heat? Watering issues? I water it a couple times a week, it's still in its 5gal nursery pot on my shaded apartment patio. It does get a good amount of evening sun. 


Groot (r. Rivularis) is pushing a new spear - new spear is curvy. It's shaded by another Rivularis and a W. Robusta. For the back story, this is my first palm, he was yellow for most of 2020, and I recently picked a little Perlite pebble out of the growth point a while ago. He's pushed a couple new normal, albeit small fronds since then. I can get a pic later on after my battery charges. 


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Doesn't show up in the pic but there's another spear coming in under this bent one. 


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