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Hey palm pals,

my tiny flame thrower was doing pretty well until recently when it started to pop out a spear tip which looked to be burnt. I thought maybe it was from a pest as I know there are quite a few lurking around my patio. I sprayed the palm and have been staying on to of that but the emerging tip hasn’t grown at all in some weeks. I hope it isn’t dead.

 I repotted it after it seemed to have stunted and that’s when it started pushing out this new spear which seemed like a positive sign. Could it be from the cold? It’s middle of winter here and we have had some cold nights… no freezes though but has been close.




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Well Dimi, the way I see it, is that it is dead. 

You could try a bit to pull out the dead leaf and if it comes out or not, pour in some hydrogen peroxide and wait. 

There is not much more than you can do, I have even tried praying and that doesn't work for me,  and the peroxide doesn't unusually work any better for me either.

I'm thinking, Chambeyronia/Melbourne, zone pushing, middle of winter, it may have needed more protection?    :-(

Cheers Steve

It is not dead, it is just senescence.




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Nooooo I was dreading this answer to be honest. I just pulled at the frond and it didn’t come out so I am still hopeful. Can I ask what the hydrogen peroxide is for? Might have a google on that. I might give it one more chance and bring it inside for the rest of winter if it’s not too late. I kept hearing that these palms can take it to almost freezing… oops!

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Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) disinfects dead or diseased tissue without damaging healthy tissue. You can find it at pharmacies. Use it full strength around the dying frond. Survivable lows for palms pertain to large specimens. Small seedlings, esp. in pots, are far more delicate. To be safe don't expose yours to temps below 10C, don't water it with cold water or expose it to cold rain.


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Thanks for the tip, I’ll disinfect my tip and pray. 
I put it inside as well next to my tropical palms. They have unobstructed western light through a frosted window and a led lamp and all seem to do well with that. I’ll try peroxide and see how it goes, might try it on some other damaged palms as well.

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