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5 Year Front Yard Update


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5 years ago I made my first Palmtalk post about my front garden, using a water rebate program from the state. The full post is here:



Well, it's been five years and things have grown! I did add some things as well, but not as much as it appears. I hope you enjoy!

















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Just posted this an realized there are some errors in the labels...

Dypsis ambositrae is NOT in the photo... it's a Dypsis onilahensis (droopy).

Cyphophoenix elegans bit the dust, but it was actually in the middle of the three palms, not in the spot marked in the photo. It was replaced with Aechmea blanchetiana. The K. pyriformis is  alive, in front of the Aechmea, but still not big by any means!









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What a TRANSFORMATION.   Great choices.

Survived Feb. 9, 1971 & Jan. 17, 1994 earthquakes   Before Palms, there was a special airplane


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I cannot get over the growth rate of the Foxy Lady, Kentiopsis Oliviformis, or the Bis. Nobilis. Crazy the difference 5yrs makes. On the other side of the coin….that K. Pyriformis growth is equally surprising. The garden is very impressive in person Mike. Definitely jealous of what’s pictured and the rest that aren’t pictured you have on the property. Keep up the good work :greenthumb::drool:

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Great palm choices, but I especially appreciate the overall effect due to thoughtful “layering” and color variation. I’m a graphic designer so most appreciate yards where good design principles have been applied. I’m seeing many design guidelines being applied in your arrangements... balance in sizes, color variation, changes in texture, etc. I also like how you’ve arranged the plants into “scenes” and the inclusion of colorful companion plants (to complement the palms and add visual interest). Big thumbs up from me :greenthumb:

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Stacey Wright  |  Graphic Designer

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That looks incredible, great job

Matt in Temecula, CA

Hot and dry in the summer, cold with light frost in the winter. Halfway between the desert and ocean

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Looks great! That's a state program I could get behind.


Palms of Victory I shall wear

Cape Coral (It's Just Paradise)
Zone 10A on the Isabelle Canal
Elevation: 15 feet

I'd like to be under the sea in an octopus' garden in the shade.

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Thank you to everyone for your kind words. This forum has been my source of inspiration and learning — my garden is a product of the lessons learned from Palmtalk and the Palm Society. 

Anyway, I went out this morning and took a few more pictures of the front yard. While my initial arrangement was attempting to be artistic, my yard looks more "Velez styled" than I intended. Not a bad thing. I anticipated many of the palms to languish, get eaten by gophers, or freeze to death, but to my surprise, there has been little unexpected death (RIP C. elegans!). Here are photos from the left side of my yard to the right.


D. pembana



D. madagascariensis ”Mahajanga”


Bismarckia, some cacti, and a chopped up Bursera microphylla. 


K. pyriformis. I severely under watered this for years  most of the growth occurred in the last 1-2 years after I started giving it a shower in between waterings.



K. oliviformis that put out its first ring of trunk a few months ago. One of my favorite palms!



R. glauca



D. lanceolata 



D. onilahensis (droopy form) and a little peak of a teddy bear trunk. It’s a bit tight in this area but someday I might thin out this area. Or not.



A parting shot below the end of my property, including the Veitchia, foxtail, and foxy lady.



 See you again in 5 more years!

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