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Cold damaged palm care


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How to take care of a cold damaged dormant palm (no spear pull, no growth, no green spear).

Questions to advance forum members.

1. Water the palm or not?


2. Cover the top when raining or not?


3. Cover the palm at night with a blanket to make it warm and potentially to promote growth?


4. Fertilize?


5. Use copper, hydrogen peroxide, or both? 


For the beginners:

- if you cover then use something breathable, like a paper bag. Never plastic because you may cook your palm,

- if you fertilize, don't fertilize too much and too close to the trunk. 


Thank you in advance!







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Answer to Q#1 is here:

the instructions of the former IPS president or Board Member

[He also said to make sure you keep the stressed palms hydrated, not over watered, but the soil moist but not saturated. ]

In the DFW, TX area, we get a good rain once a week in the spring, and this keeps the soil well moist. So for me, no watering. 

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