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Okie dokie. Filled up a Kroger bag with totally yellow fronds,  and this mf is still stupid bushy. Let's just call it manscaping since it's a perpetually flowering trunking male. Squirted h2o2 on every cut. Still reaches my front door, still obstructs my tv but whatevs. You can barely tell I cut anything. 


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On 2/25/2022 at 8:02 PM, JohnAndSancho said:

Awesome! How is your giant hydroponic Kentia doing?

This is the hydro-Howea enjoying a rainy day outsite the building a couple of months ago.


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It's winter and it's effing cold so just about everybody is Indoor Squad now. 


Spindly Bob's new frond is opening. 


Sansaveria (sp?) pup opening up. 


Healthiest A. Tuckerii is throwing a massive new frond, he's earned a new big pot come Spring. 


GBOP new leaf unrolling. 


Mangave "Mission To Mars" is growing too. Guess I'll name it and throw it in the sun comes spring, too. 


Sancho saw me taking pics so he stopped in front of the Majesty and the Butia x Lyto. 







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