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I have a 4' palm, I think it may be a single trunk Robelini, but not sure. About 9 months ago we moved it from the soil in a construction zone to the front of our home into a large pot with holes in the bottom. The little tree thrived for many months. Then about 45 days ago I got tired of the curved trunk and built a brace to gently straighten the trunk. Within the past two weeks, branches are dying one by one. Did I kill the tree with the brace, is it the pot, what is going on with the tree? please help. 

Thank you

Brad Krause




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Welcome to the forum Brad!

Yes, looks like Phoenix robellini.  Was it moved from shade to full sun? Was there any power washing done nearby? Watered frequently? They naturally curve away from shade looking for more light unless they are in full sun so many (actually most) specimens are curved.

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