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On 8/29/2020 at 7:09 AM, Moose said:





Do you know what it is, Moose? Massive macro-like leaves, but with petioles. Some kind of hybrid maybe?

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Got it from Paul Craft 25 years ago as a baileyana. I think his seed was from Lionel in the Dominican Republic 

Coral Gables, FL 8 miles North of Fairchild USDA Zone 10B

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Great palm.

It's nice to see it growing and getting larger and fatter at the base. Seems much taller than the last time I saw it in person, more trunk for sure. It's working its way to that smooth trunk we all like to stare at and fondle.


South Florida

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please post pic of your petticoat...its been a few years and was always the fattest assed petticoat i have seen

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The Palm Mahal

Hollywood Fla

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Need a drone to see the crown in good daylight its so big.  This is what happens, palms get big and you get to see the underneath unless you can have an unimpeded view of the crown from a distance.  The underside view looks very bailey to me.   One of the best palms for south florida.

Formerly in Gilbert AZ, zone 9a/9b. Now in Palmetto, Florida Zone 9b/10a??


Tom Blank

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