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Hugh Harries

John Dransfield

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I have recently received the very sad news that our member Hugh Harries died on 7th February after a short illness. Hugh was passionate about coconuts and published widely, particularly on the origin and dispersal of Cocos nucifera. One of his most important papers is that in Botanical Reviews 44:265-319 (1978) but he also wrote several more light-hearted papers in Principes (now PALMS) such as "Darwin and the robber crab" and "Nuts to the garden of Eden" which, nevertheless have serious intent. We shall miss his sense of fun and his deep passion for his subject.

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John Dransfield

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Sad to hear of our loss. I truly hope the future beholds a new generation with the passion. A sharp humorist is to be treasured

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The Palm Mahal

Hollywood Fla

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