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Where royals grow, and where they could grow


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2 minutes ago, RedRabbit said:

That looks pretty good to me. I know of a handful naturalizing in Pinellas County and Sarasota County, but not like what Zeeth has posted in Manatee.

Also, I'm pretty sure there have to be naturalizing royals in Lee County. I don't know the area well, but royals are their thing there since Edison introduced them. The climate is very favorable too so I'm confident they must be naturalizing there to some degree.

Probably so

Brevard County, Fl

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11 minutes ago, Eric in Orlando said:

 The orange coloring should be in Volusia not Lake County. Bartram saw the Royals along the St. John's River near Astor.


" This species is believed to have been observed by William Bartram along "the St. John's River between Astor and Lake Dexter, Lake and Volusia Counties" (Harper 1946) and was perhaps later extirpated (Small 1938). "


royal distribution.gif

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Brevard County, Fl

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Here is the farthest north large, old, inland one I’ve seen. This is in gibsonton, fl in an area I would consider to be 9B not too far from the bay but definitely sees multiple yearly freezes. I have no idea if this is a pre 80s freeze palm but it has been sticking out conspicuously above all the other vegetation in the area since at least 2001 or 2002 when I first noticed it there. 


Parrish, FL

Zone 9B

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For the record, I spotted a royal last night in Tampa on Davis Island that I'm sure is pre-80s. 


Here's a second angle:


Neither image is great on streetview, but just from having seen it in person I can say it is too tall to be planted after 1989. There are a lot of other royals in this part of town, some of which may also be pre-80s, but this only one I've seen that clearly predates those freezes.

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Westchase | 9b,  St. Petersburg | 9b,  Laurel | 10a

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There appears to be a stand of Royals on the Southside of Lake Okeechobee. Check out the coordinates 26.773879,-80.733614 on Google Maps with satellite view on and zoom in, you'll see them and their shadows. 



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