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Crazy Santa Ana Winds in Otay Mesa, CA


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I took these pics at the stoplight in front of my office while going for a bite to eat.

I have never seen Washies' fronds with their leaf bases (even old ones) detach from their trunk due to winds. The gusts here are extraordinarily strong. 




5 year high 42.2C/108F (07/06/2018)--5 year low 4.6C/40.3F (1/19/2023)--Lowest recent/current winter: 4.6C/40.3F (1/19/2023)


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Very strong winds all night and still blowing now, no fires thankfully! Thanks to the strong winds we now have about 10 billion washingtonia seeds on our patio and in the pool, not to mention all sorts of leaf debris. Yippy 

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Ever see a wooden stick 10 inches into the side of a Royal? Saw it with my own eyes in Homestead, Fl. after Andrew. They reclassified that to a Cat. 5!

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What you look for is what is looking

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When I still had our Washy strong winds brought down dead fronds quite often. They got hung up on shorter palms in the back yard. Fortunately, they weighed almost nothing so didn't harm anything. The Washy never had more than a "mini-skirt" of dead fronds at any time. Now it's dead and gone our L. decora fronds fall in strong winds. They weigh almost nothing, too.


Palms of Victory I shall wear

Cape Coral (It's Just Paradise)
Zone 10A on the Isabelle Canal
Elevation: 15 feet

I'd like to be under the sea in an octopus' garden in the shade.

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