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Dr. Natalie W. Uhl

Scott Zona

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This message came today from Dr. John Dransfield:

"I have just learned from one  of her daughters, Mary Uhl, that Natalie Uhl, our greatly respected and much loved colleague, died from pneumonia at a hospital in Georgia near the retirement home where she lived for the past few years. She was 97 years old. Natalie's great contribution to palm botany was celebrated at the World Palm Conference two years ago in Colombia."

Natalie was the long-time editor of Principes/Palms, a co-author of Genera Palmarum, and a pioneer in the study of palm anatomy.  She was also a kind and generous person.  She will be missed.



Scott Zona, Ph.D.

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Sorry to hear of anyone that has been a great contributor to the Palm "world" passing. I have seen her name often.

Zone 10a at best after 2007 AND 2013, on SW facing hill, 1 1/2 miles from coast in Oceanside, CA. 30-98 degrees, and 45-80deg. about 95% of the time.

"The great workman of nature is time."   ,  "Genius is nothing but a great aptitude for patience."

-George-Louis Leclerc de Buffon-

I do some experiments and learning in my garden with palms so you don't have to experience the pain! Look at my old threads to find various observations and tips!

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Never met her, but heard so much good about her.

RIP Dr. Uhl.


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Thank you Scott (and John) for sharing these sad news with us. Natalie was a significant, but gentle, force in the world of palms for many, many years and I was fortunate to get to know her during my years on the IPS Board. Furthermore, my daughter Annika studied at Cornell a number of years ago and also met her (and her family). She will certainly be missed.

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salute!  I never met her but corresponded with her over the years --- about palms 

and the occasional  Principes article I submitted. 



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