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Spanish Moss Seed Hardiness?


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So I bought some flowers at a store and there was live Spanish moss around them. I got home and pulled the moss out to grow it separately and then JACKPOT! A whole seed pod with the seeds ready to come out. I went outside (this is in Virginia zone 7a/7b) and but the seeds, since they would probably just die if I just left them inside, does anyone know if they will grow? It is suppose to get to the low 20s later on this week. Could I see Spanish Moss sprouting on the spring or does it not sand a chance? 

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Tillandsia seeds can sprout quickly depending on the environment but the length of time between germination and a plant(s) that you can hang/mount is around 3-5 years. Here's a pic of a Spanish Moss seedling of mine taken years ago showing roots. The plant was almost 3 years old. Best bet is to leave the seed pod split open and scatter the seeds inside the tangle of the mother plant. This will add a minute bit of a micro-enviro but any little bit helps.

tusneoides roots Dauss 2007.JPG

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