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California Fires 2016


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I took a look at the wunderground map with the Fire button activated and was surprised to see all the fires ongoing in the State of California right now. We have been occasionally impacted by the Soberanes Fire's smoke here for a few days at a time (Big Sur State Park) since it started but fortunately have been spared much of the dense smoke. Heard that San Francisco could even smelled the smoke the other day. Looking at the latest CalFire/USFS maps I have to wonder if the whole park is going to burn. Found this blog a few weeks ago, bigsurkate, published by Kate Woods Novos with nice updates of general info, fire maps, personal stories and photos if you're interested: https://bigsurkate.wordpress.com . As the fire has moved further south from where she is it sounds like today she is wrapping up her involvement in relaying the info which is understandable but sad because I've enjoyed checking in. Today she posted a very touching handwritten letter from an Escondido firefighter that brings home how great these guys are that are doing this dangerous job. It's been a brutal fire season already for them and their families and this is just one fire. BTW it was determined that the Big Sur fire, which has resulted in the the loss of a firefighter and homes and structures in the area, was caused by an illegal camp fire and people are still burning illegal campfires within parts of the park. 

I was surprised to read tonight that there is a fire (Chimney Fire) on the Central Coast that is now only 3 miles from Heast Castle and the Castle has been shut down and they have been experiencing heavy smoke in the area south of the fire. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/california-wildfire-closes-hearst-castle-921323  We've been to the Castle several times and I know from others' posts on here many of you have visited too or are at least familar with it. It would be a tragedy if it was destroyed by the fires. Really kind of unimaginable. BTW Big Sur Kate's blog has photos and maps of this area as well.

The Central Coast of California is so scenic it's hard to picture countless acres of this land being charred. 

I'm aware of fires being fought in San Bernadino county and by Santa Barbara although not sure of the names of them, but not being in our immediate area we don't see as much coverage of them. 

I heard that they don't expect the Big Sur Fire to be out now until the end of September. It's jumped many fire lines and heading for some trecherous terrain for firefighters.

Zone 9b (formerly listed as Zone 9a); Sunset 14

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