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Philodendron ricardoi planted


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I am actually using this thread as an accession. We were given this plant by Montgomery Botanical Center. I personally have never seen this one before and there is not much on this one, on the internet. I attached it to a Kentiopsis oliviformis yesterday morning.





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Hi Andrew.  Philodendron ricardoi was discovered in the state of Espirito Santo in 2011 by my friend Ricardo Campos, large plant lover.    It is found 57a089da918b5_Lorenzi015.thumb.JPG.cf9af57a08a08c9ac6_Lorenzi016.thumb.JPG.74613in rocky outcrops and has beautiful edge of red leaves.57a08a35787ec_Lorenzi021.thumb.JPG.45b27

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WOW massive stem

Michael in palm paradise,

Tully, wet tropics in Australia, over 4 meters of rain every year.

Home of the Golden Gumboot, its over 8m high , our record annual rainfall.

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I hope it likes wet... looks like it is not a climber. I would have thought it was withall of the roots it throws everywhere. Thanks for the pics! I know the red edge you are talking about.

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