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Sabal parviflora


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Hi All,

I was never impressed or interested with any sabal until I went to the Palomar College Arboretum over the weekend, and one palm mesmerized me, sabal parviflora.  This palm is huge with massive  fronds up to 15 feet and a trunk 3 feet wide.  Wow!  The speciman was about 35ft tall with 18-20 ft of trunk.  I wonder why SoCal never planted any of this palm in the park or zoo.  I took some pictures and will post them tonight.  Pictures does not do it any justice.  WOW!



The picture of the palm on this website was probably about 10 years ago.

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The field guide to the palms of the Americas treats "Sabal parviflora" as a synonym of Sabal palmetto.  I wonder if that striking plant might be Sabal maritima, also from Cuba.http://www.plantapalm.com/vpe/photos/Speci...al_maritima.htm

Fla. climate center: 100-119 days>85 F
USDA 1990 hardiness zone 9B
Current USDA hardiness zone 10a
4 km inland from Indian River; 27º N (equivalent to Brisbane)

Central Orlando's urban heat island may be warmer than us

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