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The Silent Seed

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Time for another big giveaway! I have a lot of irons in the fire, and need to free up some space!
Most of these seeds are fresh (less than 3 months or thereabouts.) Some are already planted. The ones that say "pkt" I only have one, or two packets of. (Most of the packets are a little older. Winter-ish?)
No guarantees on germination, etc, since we all grow our stuff differently.
With the already planted seeds, keep in mind that they will be dirty, discolored, may have a light coating of mold, etc etc, since they are in dirt, in pots.

A few things to keep this offer simple, and fun: there will be a flat fee of $5 and $10 depending on how heavy your package will be, approximately. Every box/package comes with tracking, which costs almost a dollar in itself. No exceptions.

Select what you would like, from my list - simple as that! While supplies last. Now, may the fun begin!

When you contact me, tell me which ones you want, and how many. If you just want a grab bag surprise, that's fine too.

Trades are fine, and will eliminate the shipping charge.


Acrocomia aculeata – planted

Actinorhytis calapparia – planted

Annona muricata

Annona squamosa

Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

Areca vestiaria – planted

Arenga tremula – planted

Arum purpureospathum – pkt

Arum cyrenaicum – pkt

Attalea phalerata

Averrhoa carambola – sweet type

Butia eriospatha – planted

Banksia grandis – pkt

Butia odorata – planted

Bulbine alooides – pkt -

Caesalpinia granadillo

Canna flaccida – pkt

Cercis reniformis – pkt

Chamaedorea cataractarum

Chamaedorea seifrizzii planted

Chamaerops humilis cerifera – 5 seeds

Chorisia speciosa

Coccothrinax argentata

Coccothrinax crinita brevicrinus – planted

Copernicia tectorum

Cryosophila stauracantha

Cucurbita maxima Galeux d'eysines – 5 seeds

Cupressus torulosa – pkt

Daucus carota Little Finger Baby Carrot – pkt

Daucus carota – Heirloom Long Carrot – pkt

Dictyosperma album – planted

Dietes grandiflora – pkt

Dioscorea elephantipes – 3 seeds

Dypsis decaryi

Dypsis lanceolata planted

Dypsis lastelliana

Elaeis oleifera

Eleaophorbia drupifera

Eucomis comosa Green/White – pkt

Eucomis comosa Mix – pkt

Eucomis comosa Mix – pkt

Gastrococos crispa

Gymnocladus dioicus

Hyophorbe verschafeltii planted

Hyphaene compressa – planted

Hyp coriacea – planted

Kniphofia ichopensis – pkt

Lapeidra martinezii – pkt

Lupinus – Russell Series – Hardy Exotics pkt

Manfreda erubescens – pkt

Moraea ciliata – pkt

Moraea elegans – pkt

Moraea graminicola E. Cape – pkt

Moraea pendula – pkt

M. polystachya – pkt -

Morinda citrifolia – Noni

Pancratium canariense – PKT

Pancratium martimum – pkt

Paradisia lusitanicum – pkt

Phoenix acaulis

Phx canariensis

Phx roebellini – planted

Ptychosperma macarthurii planted

Ptycho microcarpum

Ptychosperma schefferi – planted

Sabal causairum

Sabal domingensis

Sabal etonia – planted

Sabal maritima

Sabal mexicana

Sabal minor

Senna mauritandica

Schinus molle

Scilla corymbosa

Setaria palmifolia

Sternbergia lutea – pkt

S. cearensis planted

Sy coronata – planted

S. cearensis – planted

Sy kellyana – planted

Trachycarpus latisectus

Veitchia joannis

V. merillii

Veltheimia bracteata – Pale Pink

Wisteria floribunda alba

Wisteria floribunda rosea

Wisteria - lavender / purple

Zephyranthes reginae – pkt

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You are very welcome!

Guys - no need to post here saying that you PM'd me - I get the PM's with no problems.

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I did not realize I would get so many International parties interested in this. There will be a flat $20 fee for international shipping, because again, I do not use envelopes, but packages. The typical average cost is $14 - $16.

If the cost is drastically different, a refund is always given if asked.

I know that some of you do not use Paypal. I am sorry, but I won't pay out of my own pocket for shipping, to give these away.

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Pancr. canariense and martimum

Moraea graminicola

Acro. aculeata

Annona muricata

Averrhoa carambola

Cham. hum. cerifera

Dio. elephantipes

Eucomis comosa

Hyphaene compressa



Moraea elegans

Scilla corymbosa

Setaria, sternbergia, Syagrus, Trachy latisectus, Velth. brac, or Zephy.

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Hi gang,

Whoever has already paid for shipping, the boxes are being packed today, and tomorrow, and will be shipped, today and tomorrow. (Some of the seeds are at my fiancee's condo, so a few of those will get packed tonight, for tomorrow.)

No more orders/payments will be accepted until I finish this batch, and re-assess what is left, and determine if I still want to give more away.

Please watch for a potential new list.

Thanks everyone!

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All of the finalized orders are shipped.

If you would like your tracking number, PM me with your zip code and I will send it right over.


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I received the grand loot of seeds. Very happy with them, cannot wait to get them germinated! Jude is the man! Thank you so very much. :D

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Wow thanks Jude I received the seeds and you were more than generous!!!!!!

Thank you again for sharing.

Escondido: the Ideal place to grow palms

Could it be? I'll try.

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