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BRIAN, Tim - Director


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Palmtalk Username: realarch

Tim has always had palm fever, but it didn't become terminal until purchasing property in Hilo back in 2004. After retiring from

architecture and moving to Hawaii from San Diego full time in 2009, Tim became an active member in the Hawaii Island Palm Society.
He served as Vice President for one year and is now in his third year term as President. Along with creating and maintaing a one acre
palm garden in Hilo with his life partner Bob, he is also part of the crew that helps maintain the palm garden at the Panaewa Rainforest
Zoo in Hilo. Keeping busy isn't problem and he has been described by his friends as a palm impersonating a human.
Tim became an IPS director at the Thailand biennial in 2012.


Hilo, Hawaii

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Along with Bob, Tim makes a great visitor to palm gardens every where, and writes a good palm letter :-)



coastal north facing location

100klm south of Sydney



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