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MORICI, Carlo - Director


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PalmTalk Username: Carlo Morici

Carlo was born in Messina, Italy, in 1974 and has lived since 1995 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. He is a biologist specialized in palms and is also known for his landscaping projects. His palm research has been within the Group of Island Ecology, Department of Ecology, University of La Laguna, Tenerife. His field work has spread over various countries, but his research focuses on Phoenix canariensis and the palm flora originating in the Caribbean Islands, with a special focus on the genus Coccothrinax. In 2006, Carlo described a new palm species native to southeastern Cuba, Coccothrinax torrida, together with the Cuban botanist Raúl Verdecia. Carlo’s landscape design projects include the Central Park of Arona and the Palmetum of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. He worked as a botanist in the palmetum during its formation years (1996–1999) and later designed new garden sections, such as those dedicated to the floras of New Caledonia, Hawaii and North America, as well as the gardens of the southern sea-facing slopes. Carlo joined the IPS at 17 years old in 1991 and became a life member 4 years later. He attended his first Biennial in Venezuela (1994) and has also attended Biennials in New Caledonia, France and Costa Rica.

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Leilani Estates, 25 mls/40 km south of Hilo, Big Island of Hawai'i. Elevation 880 ft/270 m. Average rainfall 140 inches/3550 mm


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Dear Carlo,

This give me immense joy and happiness in writing a note on you.I have seen many people,including me who wants to grow exotic plants & palms for ones own private garden or personal collection.But you have taken this palm passion to a whole new level.i.e you are more interested in creating a biospere or a botanical garden to be precise.Which would help plant lovers,botanist,children,research scholors,journalist and even palm enthusiasts like this forum members,to see most of the rare and exotic plants all housed in a given area.This not possible in private home gardens or nurseries.

And i have been reading your threads & posts on the progress that you & your friends are making at "The Palmetum in Santa Cruz de Tenerife" and recently you had mentioned that this garden will soon be thrown open to public.We here at palmtalk are really overjoyed by this news.

As i said before,the IPS & this Palmtalk website/Forum has so many interesting persons who are dedicating their lives & time for the growth,promotion & also popularizing,discovering palms varities so that there will be palms even for the future generations to see & Know.

Here are few links for those who are new this forum !




And this link is the latest of the events...


And Carlo i am happy that even you are in the board of directors,And most if not all in our forum knows you well,for your active participation in discussion board and in the Spanish Forum of Palmtalk.

Wish you all the best,

God Bless,


love conquers all..



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