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Greetings Palmers!

I'm helping my significant other move back to the baked frozen tundra, and so I will be in Florida next week.

I'll have some free time here and there (I think). Is there anything going on in the Ft. Lauderdale area on or around the weekend of the 21-22nd?

Obviously I'll be filling my pockets with every seed, nut and pod I can get my hands on. Are there any palm-centric things I should make sure to see before I drive back to corn country?



"Ph'nglui mglw'napalma Funkthulhu R'Lincolnea wgah'palm fhtagn"
"In his house at Lincoln, dread Funkthulhu plants palm trees."

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Palm Beach! (Try to hook up with PT member Bubba . . . )

Waykoolplantz' garden, Jeff Searle's place.

Get yourself a nice, sturdy portable swooning sofa . . . .

Let's keep our forum fun and friendly.

Any data in this post is provided 'as is' and in no event shall I be liable for any damages, including, without limitation, damages resulting from accuracy or lack thereof, insult, or lost profits or revenue, claims by third parties or for other similar costs, or any special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of my opinion or the use of this data. The accuracy or reliability of the data is not guaranteed or warranted in any way and I disclaim liability of any kind whatsoever, including, without limitation, liability for quality, performance, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose arising out of the use, or inability to use my data. Other terms may apply.

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I tend to view Ft Lauderdale as a long patch of traffic separating Palm Beach County from Miami-Dade County. At Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami (Coral Gables), it's mango festival this weekend, so next weekend is relatively quiet.

I haven't been to Gene Joyner's home and garden, Unbelievable Acres for several years. When I did visit, with the Palm Beach Palm and Cycad Society, it was impressive. It's on Google Maps, which provides this information:

Unbelievable Acres Botanic Gardenmore info

470 63rd Trl N

West Palm Beach, FL 33413

(561) 242-1686

Fla. climate center: 100-119 days>85 F
USDA 1990 hardiness zone 9B
Current USDA hardiness zone 10a
4 km inland from Indian River; 27º N (equivalent to Brisbane)

Central Orlando's urban heat island may be warmer than us

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PM me if you want the nickel tour of the Deerfield Beach Arboretum.

Look up Ann Norton Sculpture Garden in Palm Beach.

Mounts Botanical Garden in West Palm.

Flamingo Gardens.

Not really a Palm thing, but take the Water Taxi for daytime bar hopping.

So many species,

so little time.

Coconut Creek, Florida

Zone 10b (Zone 11 except for once evey 10 or 20 years)

Last Freeze: 2011,50 Miles North of Fairchilds

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Thanks for the replies, guys. I'll run this by the significant other and see if we'll have a free day in her schedule... :D

"Ph'nglui mglw'napalma Funkthulhu R'Lincolnea wgah'palm fhtagn"
"In his house at Lincoln, dread Funkthulhu plants palm trees."

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Happy Birthday Funk.... :)

Zone 10a at best after 2007 AND 2013, on SW facing hill, 1 1/2 miles from coast in Oceanside, CA. 30-98 degrees, and 45-80deg. about 95% of the time.

"The great workman of nature is time."   ,  "Genius is nothing but a great aptitude for patience."

-George-Louis Leclerc de Buffon-

I do some experiments and learning in my garden with palms so you don't have to experience the pain! Look at my old threads to find various observations and tips!

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  • 1 month later...

Well, unfortunately for me and the palms, the GF had pretty much everything planned out from day one. Never had a day to go see cools stuff. I did get a chance to walk around the neighborhood at least and found a half dozen species producing fruit.

These are they, after a good scrub and with dead or rotten thrown out. Now they're in to soak for the night. (No floaters!)


"Ph'nglui mglw'napalma Funkthulhu R'Lincolnea wgah'palm fhtagn"
"In his house at Lincoln, dread Funkthulhu plants palm trees."

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