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Chuniophoenix species


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Have both C nana and C hainensis in yard, against house (though still ext cold there- 27F).  Neither even the least bit touched- C nana is flowering.  Just 6" away a Chamaedorea metallica completely killed, and Dypsis albofarinosa seeding fried a bit.  Nearby C oblongatas and C hooperianas torched pretty badly and Basselinia gracilis killed outright.

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You know its weird. I have a C. Nana that defoliated last year on a 28 degree night... then grew one nice looking leaf back this year. So far this year, it shows no damage after 24 degree/ no frost. It is under a canopy of R. Rivularis.

ps... I was afraid that some of the damage last year was due to the dog stepping on it, so this year I put chicken wire around it.... who knows?



Riverside, CA Z 9b

1700 ft. elevation

approx 40 miles inland

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This is a north Florida experience.  I had one out in a 22F under a heavy pine canopy.   I t survived but was badly burned to the bud.

Best regards,


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We had around 22-23 degrees and my Chuniophoenix nana had no real damage. It was wrapped in a sheet to keep frost off the leaves because the canopy hasnt completely grown in above it. No supplemental heat.



Kailua, Oahu HI. Near the beach but dry!

Still have a garden in Zone 9a Inland North Central Florida (Ocala)

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