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Pinanga phillippenensis

Don Little

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5 gal plant under sensor that read 29 and no damage

Don_L    Rancho CUCAMONGA (yes it does exist) 40 min due east of Los Angeles

             USDA Zone 10a

July Averages: Hi 95F, Low 62F

Jan Averages: Hi 68F, Low 45F

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Pinanga philipinensis

33F, under heavy canopy

the only damage was some drying of the oldest leaf, see pic below.  The other leaves look fine.


Matt Bradford

"Manambe Lavaka"

Spring Valley, CA (8.5 miles inland from San Diego Bay)

10B on the hill (635 ft. elevation)

9B in the canyon (520 ft. elevation)

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  • 9 years later...

I don't know how well they do in California, but these are quite rare in South Florida. I may be lucky in that I have seen two other plants fail in seemingly favorable landscapes. Mine is carefree, albeit lacking in dramatic color...



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I've had one growing for two years in my previous yard. Was doing great, until it suddenly died in a span of a three weeks or so in late summer. Just planted one in my new place in September. Can't say it's doing well yet. But I'm hoping for the best.

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