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Brahea armata


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Four days of 28-29 F (-1 C), 3 foot tall (1 m) specimen, unscathed.


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I have 4 large ones with several feet of trunk. Took 23 F this time with no damage.  They survived the 89/90 freeze down to 14F with little damage.  This has to be one of the toughest palms around.

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Richard Douglas

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Brahea armata: Two nights of 14 degrees -- fourteen hours subfreezing. No damage

Jon T.

Jon T-Central CA coastal valley foothills-9A

Forever seeking juania australis...

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  • 7 months later...

Two plants, 7' OA height

19f, many hours and nights below freezing

No damage

If global warming means I can grow Cocos Nucifera, then bring it on....

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Several hundred armata of various sizes, actively growing during a week of 85f weather dropped to 16f in 12 hours time. Smaller plants froze in their pots and dedoliated, larger plants minor burn. Weeks later it warmed back up in the 70s and 80s then the temp dropped to 13f with over 36 hours below zero and defoliated all armata.  Large healthy armata now have put out 12 leaves thuafar and look great. Zero armata spear pulled. 

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Same large palms above had mixed results. The greener armata looks to have 50% burn after a night of 20f. The almost white armata looks to be 25% burn, however all of the smaller potted armata in 48" containers have zero burn. Very odd. 

First pic greener armata, 2' trunk

Second pic- unharmed potted armata

Third.pic white.armata




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18F and 15 hours below freezing with high wind. 35g pot. Minor cosmetic damage. E6F86E82-9A9F-4D93-8EFA-E53E0D8E0D42.thumb.jpeg.51da21741bbf3e1ebbcbcbc6d8e1eb73.jpeg

minor burn scar on outer fronds from frozen wind tie on fronds 


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