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Dypsis onilahensis


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this is just a baby, no protection, right near the Baronii that is 3x its size and got damaged...

24 degrees




Riverside, CA Z 9b

1700 ft. elevation

approx 40 miles inland

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Mine as well probably a five gallon size not completely burnt but not looking very happy.

Forgot to mention got damaged on sat nite with a low of 28.

San Marcos CA

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Have a 5 gal. size in the ground which "suckered" (or internally divided) this year. Parent plant--moderate burning. "Pup" --untouched, so far. Wierd.




Coastal canyon area of San Diego


"In the shadow of the Cross"

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26.5F low. My two 12" tall D. onilahensis in the ground and exposed are showing no visible damage.

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Jim in Los Altos, CA  SF Bay Area 37.34N- 122.13W- 190' above sea level

zone 10a/9b

sunset zone 16

300+ palms, 90+ species in the ground

Las Palmas Design

Facebook Page

Las Palmas Design & Associates

Elegant Homes and Gardens

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Serious damage (70%) in pots after two nights of 25 FF.


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no damage at 29

Don_L    Rancho CUCAMONGA (yes it does exist) 40 min due east of Los Angeles

             USDA Zone 10a

July Averages: Hi 95F, Low 62F

Jan Averages: Hi 68F, Low 45F

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About 50% damage with low of 24F-26F for several nights.  Small, approx 10".  No frost.

 San Francisco Bay Area, California

Zone 10a

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Larger specimen, four feet and more on two trunks. Did not get damaged at 27F.


Rock Ridge Ranch

South Escondido

5 miles ENE Rancho Bernardo

33.06N 117W, Elevation 971 Feet

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No damage in Modesto... slight overhead protection from a cherimoya tree.

Official Modesto temps... 23f.... my garden thermometer temps  26f


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Modesto, CA USDA 9b

July/August average 95f/63f

Dec/Jan average 55f/39f

Average lowest winter temp 27f

Record low temp 18f

Record high temp 113f

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Mine has since become part of the ever increasing mulch pile. This freeze is getting worse and worse for me  I am most likely down to 50% of my in ground palms half have been lost or not looking very promising.

San Marcos CA

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Temps of 0 to -1.5`C on three nights with frost, overhead cover: Spotting of some leaves

Carambeí, 2nd tableland of the State Paraná , south Brazil.

Alt:1030m. Native palms: Queen, B. eriospatha, B. microspadix, Allagoptera leucocalyx , A.campestris, Geonoma schottiana, Trithrinax acanthocoma. Subtr. climate, some frosty nights. No dry season. August: driest month. Rain:1700mm


I am seeking for cold hardy palms!

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One plant, 5' OA height

22f, multiple hours and nights below freezing..next to adobe wall, near pool.

50% leaf burn

Fully recovered

If global warming means I can grow Cocos Nucifera, then bring it on....

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Two nights at 32 one at 34 last two with heavy frost. I piled mulch up to the growing point and left the fronds exposed. No damage at all. The heliconia on each side is fried.

With a tin cup for a chalice

Fill it up with good red wine,

And I'm-a chewin' on a honeysuckle vine.

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Last year I lost one 1gal (I think upright form) planted out in a protected area with a 15-hour, 23.3F event. This year a similar-sized 'droopy' form in a somewhat less-protected area appears to have survived a similar onslaught, 14.5 hours and low of 24.1F, as well as a 10-hour, 27F event, and a half-dozen other slightly less severe freezes/frosts. Probably 75% leaf-burn but I mulched the bud-area for safety and hopefully next year the plant will have some more fortitude. It looks as though larger plants can handle mid-20s without too much trouble. But as juvies they obviously are not so easy...and am hoping that in its second year it will grow faster than a snail's pace.

Michael Norell

Rancho Mirage, California | 33°44' N 116°25' W | 293 ft | z10a | avg Jan 44/70F | Jul 78/108F avg | Weather Station KCARANCH310

previously Big Pine Key, Florida | 24°40' N 81°21' W | 4.5 ft. | z12a | Calcareous substrate | avg annual min. approx 52F | avg Jan 65/75F | Jul 83/90 | extreme min approx 41F

previously Natchez, Mississippi | 31°33' N 91°24' W | 220 ft.| z9a | Downtown/river-adjacent | Loess substrate | avg annual min. 23F | Jan 43/61F | Jul 73/93F | extreme min 2.5F (1899)

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I gave my Farther-In-Law a small plant, about 8" tall in a pot and told him, he could try it outside when it is larger. He has left it outside this winter and it is now, unsurprisingly, dead. It did, however, take several freezes prior to it's decline with temperatures down to -3°C/27°F not seeming to be a problem. When we had unusually low temperatures in early January though, it died almost immediately.


Corey Lucas-Divers

Dorset, UK

Ave Jul High 72F/22C (91F/33C Max)

Ave Jul Low 52F/11C (45F/7C Min)

Ave Jan High 46F/8C (59F/15C Max)

Ave Jan Low 34F/1C (21F/-6C Min)

Ave Rain 736mm pa

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