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Canary Prices


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Hi all....Replacing a dead Royal from the freeze with a Canary. Need to understand what I can expect in $$ per trunk foot here in Clearwater-St Pete area?..I was looking in the range of 6 -7ft of clear trunk..maybe more if the $$ is right?

Also, I am open to suggestions for a nurseries and/or tree farms you all recommend here in North Pinellas county.



Palm Harbor, FL


Palm Harbor, FL

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Lance, Checked out pricing at a local palm shop. Canary= $525.00 per ft of clear trunk.

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Hi Kris,

here are a few pics from the greek island of Kos. There are many many many CIDPs! sometimes you might think the greeks dont't know there are also other palms than CIDPs or Washies... I took these pics outside the medieval castle of Kos Town. Enjoy...




These visuals are just teaser trailer....Hope you find some nice grown Canaryan palms for your collection.:drool:

love conquers all..



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Doesnt the St.Pete Clearwater area have that disease that kills Phoenix palms? If so (I may be wrong) you may want to consider a different palm.



Kailua, Oahu HI. Near the beach but dry!

Still have a garden in Zone 9a Inland North Central Florida (Ocala)

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Lance, I've seen landscapers in my area go door to door offering money to people who own large canaries or sylvestris date palms. A guy across the street agreed to sell his beautiful P. sylvestris with about 15' of clear trunk for a grand. Next door neighbors have about 10'-12' of trunk but they wouldn't sell theirs, but the offers went as high as $1500. What I'm trying to say is find a palm you want and make an offer to the owner. It'll cost you another few $hundreds to move it, but might end up being cheaper then $500+ per foot.

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Good luck moving a large CIDP for a few $100.00. To do it right you are looking at digging a very large rootball at least 5' x 5' x 4'. Maybe you can find somebody to do it cheap, but I wouldn't count on it. Then you will have a tree that weighs 10,000 to 15,000 lbs meaning you are going to need a crane. Most charge a couple of hundred $'s per hour with a 4 hour minimum, and if the tree is very far from where the crane can be parked, you will need a really big crane that comes at a really big hourly rate. Then you will need a truck/trailer capable of hauling something that big. After you take it out you will leave a hole that needs 4 yds (half a dump truck) of dirt to fill, and a way to get it from the truck to the hole if the truck can't back up to the hole. Getting the idea that moving something that big costs a lot of money? I've done it several times, and the cost has been as much as $7,500.00 to move one tree, not including the cost of the tree. The cheapest I've done it was $4,500.00 per tree, but I was able to spread some of the costs over several trees that time. There is a reason those large trees are so expensive.

Martin Farris, San Angelo, TX

San Angelo Cold Hardy Palms and Cycads

Jul - 92F/69F, Jan - 55F/31F


02-03: 18F;

03-04: 19F;

04-05: 17F;

05-06: 11F;

06-07: 13F;

07-08: 14F 147.5 Freezing Degree-Hours http://www.palmtalk.org/forum/index.php?sh...ee+hours\;

08-09: 23F;

09-10: 12F 467.6 Freezing Degree Hours, Average Temperature During Freeze 24.2F;

10-11: 13F 1,059.5 Freezing Degree Hours with Strong Winds/Rain/Snow/Sleet, Average Temperature During Freeze 19.4F;

Record low -4F in 1989 (High of 36F that p.m.) 1,125.2 freezing degree hours, Average Temperature During Freeze 13.6F;

Record Freeze 1983: 2,300.3 Freezing Degree Hours with a low of 5F, Average Temperature During Freeze 13.7F.

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Amen brother

Bayside Tree Farms is located in Homestead Florida USA
(305) 245-9544

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Why anyone would want to plant a CIDP in Florida is beyond me. Every last one of them I saw while in SoFla looked horrible. The P. sylvestris and P. dactylifera looked way better.

Matt Bradford

"Manambe Lavaka"

Spring Valley, CA (8.5 miles inland from San Diego Bay)

10B on the hill (635 ft. elevation)

9B in the canyon (520 ft. elevation)

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