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Hi everyone i am new to palmtalk and wanted to know what other areas coconut palms looked, here in palm bay, brevard fl, alot in downtown melbourne look green but still damaged and here in inland palm bay they look very brown except the very centers and stems and on beachside and meritt island almost all are green and look great.

i love florida...............and palm trees!

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It appears that on the West coast of FL, cocos N of Tampa bay area are toast. I think you are in the northern edge of where coconut trees can reliably survive more than a couple of years. There is a coconut up in St. Augustine that was had been there for 3 years (don't know how old it was when planted there, looks about 6-7 yrs old), but this winter's prolonged cold fried it. The farther north you go, the nearer the coast you have to be to grow zone 10a plants. I'm actually (happily) surprised any survived in the Melbourne area as they had 5 nights in the 20s with the lowest of 21 on Jan 8th at the airport.

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I wish i could take pics of some in my area but i dont have a camera.............. WOW i had no idea it was 21!!!! weather.com said the lowest was 25 it seems like places in orlando were warmer than the coast, i wouldn't be surprised if more survived there too. i think alot will come back, we just have to be patient, yesterday when i was out i saw completely green royals inland! on palm bay road near the movie theater. like i said when you cross over to the barrier islands everythings green, with minimal damage. but theres also some on the mainland too, close to the river. on the atlantic coast its warmer most of the time than on the gulf, because of the gulf stream.

i love florida...............and palm trees!

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