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Summer time ...

Exotic Life

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Hi Everone,

It's very hot de last couple day's (30C), the next few day's the tempetures still rising. And sunny weather, so the plants grow very fast, i have some pictures taken.



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Well done...no more excuses for this San Diego gardener. Looks like you could teach some of us tropical/temperate gardeners a thing or two!

If global warming means I can grow Cocos Nucifera, then bring it on....

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I'm surprised that those palms survive there.

Philip Wright

Sydney southern suburbs

Frost-free within 20 km of coast

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Thanx ...

I live in the mild area of the netherlands. Last winter we have some couple cold nights, and some more but the go not lower then -3C, last winter we don't have snow here. Summers can be hot, like this summer ... June go into the books as very dry here ... Some places of the netherlands the have not more rain then 10mm. They are not suprised with this hot weather we got some bush fires. Some places are so dry !!

I have 7 Spieces of palms in the full ground.


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