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Plectocomia himilayana


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This one has totally surprised me! I have 3 small seedlings, 1 planted and 2 in pots, which took 3 weeks of sub zero temps with at least 2 excursions to -4c/24.8v and 2 lower dips to -5c/23f.

The 2 in pots have about 25% leaf burn, the planted one is still pristine with no damage what so ever. All 3 were understory to my Acacia. I have since brought the 2 in pots indoors to help recovery. They are still alive and growing again slowly.

Regards Andy,

Bangor, Norin Iron Zone 9a Min temp normally around -3 Degrees C, rarely -6C. Only 2 x -2.0C so far, verging on 9b this year. No snow or Frost this Winter. Several just subzero's this year, lets hope it stays this way. Normally around 5C to 10C + in winter, with lots of wind & rain. Summers usually better, 20C to 25 C occasionally 25C to 28C, also quite humid being a coastal town

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My died after 21°F (-6°C). This plant survived around 10 years under a evergreen canopy.

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This plant seems to need very little warmth to grow vigorously. It's a monster at the chilly San Francisco Botanical Garden.

Jason Dewees

Inner Sunset District

San Francisco, California

Sunset zone 17

USDA zone 10a

21 inches / 530mm annual rainfall, mostly October to April

Humidity averages 60 to 85 percent year-round.

Summer: 67F/55F | 19C/12C

Winter: 56F/44F | 13C/6C

40-year extremes: 96F/26F | 35.5C/-3.8C

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