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Palms in habitat

Al in Kona

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How many botanical gardens are located in areas where palms grow in habitat?  During the recent IPS Biennial Meeting in the Dominican Republic the group toured the National Botanic Garden, Dr. Rafael Ma. Moscoso to find Coccothrinax argenea growing in habitat within the garden itself.  Do you know of any other botanical garden where this also occurs?  

This pic shows some of those tall thin Coccothrinax argentea in that garden . . .


Hawaii Island (Big Island), leeward coast, 19 degrees N. latitude, south Kona mauka at approx. 380m (1,250 ft.) and about 1.6 km (1-mile) upslope from ocean.


No record of a hurricane passing over this island (yet!).  

Summer maximum rainfall - variable averaging 900-1150mm (35-45") - Perfect drainage on black volcanic rocky soil.  

Nice sunsets!

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Marvelous Coccothrinax, Al, Thanks for posting... Did you take any more pictures of the other palms in the Botanic Garden?

Sirinhaém beach, 80 Km south of Recife - Brazil

Tropical oceanic climate, latitude 8° S

Temperature extremes: 25 to 31°C

2000 mm average rainfall, dry summers

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