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DewPoints this morning around US

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DewPoint’s of note around the Continental United States ranged from 82°F in Miami Dade near Kendall with most of Florida in the mid to lower 70s. Lower Louisiana averaged approximately 67°F.

The lower Texas coast at Laguna vista had the highest at 75°F but had dropped to 46°F by Rio Grande City. The Texas coast through Houston averaged lower 70s° Fahrenheit to San Antonio, which averaged lower 60°F to El Paso at 7°F.

Moving westward, Tucson was 15°F, Phoenix was 28°F, Yuma was 41°F, La Quinta was 33°F, Santa Monica/LA was 49°F and San Diego was 51°F.

Honolulu was 63°F and Key West was 77°F.

Brief sweep globally, I saw 81°F at a Brazilian location in the Amazon. 79°F at Zanzabar in Africa, 80°F at Doany Beach In Madagascar. Mediterranean Europe was largely in the 48°F range. The highest dewpoints observed were in India, where Irumbai had a recorded dewpoint of 82° F, with numerous locations around 80°F.

SE Asia had numerous locations in the high 70°F with Cau Mau, Vietnam reporting 81°F. This also includes Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea and the Philippines. The highest I could find in Australia was at Darwin, which registered 79°F, travailing as you headed south on the East Coast with Brisbane at 60°F, down to Sydney at 59°F. On the western coast, Perth recorded 59° Fahrenheit with Auckland New Zealand recording 59°F.

Internationally and even in the United States, this does not account for different times of day and night. I am not exactly sure what to make out of this other than I can personally testify that higher dewpoints are more difficult to tolerate.


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