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Repotted my never-did-split-it-up $10 P. Roebelleini.

Split up my Sideshow Bob C. Elegans - if anyone was curious, there were 40 plants in a 7" pot, not counting the ones I've chucked into the trash can before now. Also found some seeds that never popped, and what looked like glitter in the soil. Anyway, I salvaged the ones that had long roots - one of them was really impressive, he got to stay in the same pot on his own.  Put a couple multiples into 8" pots and put a few into 2" pots just for giggles and grins. 


And - good Lord my Monstera was super root bound. I think there was 1/2" of soil in there. 


Also sprinkled some Jobes organic palm food on my Washy and my 2 Rivularis so my patio smells nice and poopy. 


Sunday Funday. 






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My Washy is pushing his thickest frond yet, and my Queen is really fattening up, too. 



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    • JohnAndSancho
      By JohnAndSancho
      Granted, my work area is a LOT less than ideal. Anyway, i brought the roebelenii home from my office to split it up, and good lord this is tedious. If one of these green jerks die, I'm gonna be frustrated - before I remember I'm only out $10 and ummmm I think I'm about 2 hours into this now. 
      Good times 

    • PsyPalm
      By PsyPalm
      Built a miniature treehouse (approx 1:48 scale) for a pair of c. elegans I've had for a while.  The base structure of the treehouse is a balsa wood kit I bought on Etsy that I then added my own accessories to.  I always love imagining I'm a tiny explorer in my huge plants, like Zac in FernGully.
      Here's the link for the kit:

    • JohnAndSancho
      By JohnAndSancho
      Since I never know what order my pics are gonna post in, here's some new growth photos with tags. 
      Big Cat Garfield pushing 3 new leaves like the champ he is. 
      Please shame me for not splitting up the C. Elegans yet because some of them are getting fat. 
      Time to celebrate by buying some C. Benzeii and more Howeas while Jungle Music has them on sale. 

    • JohnAndSancho
      By JohnAndSancho
      When should I split these guys up? I've seen this question asked before with replies like "survival of the fittest" and things like that, and I've def pulled a few dead little strugglers out - but the survivors in here are all growing like weeds and I can't help but think they'd do even better if they had more room to spread out. Would these also benefit from the @Pal Meir soil mix of bark and clay like my baby Wedds are in? 

    • sandgroper
      By sandgroper
      Just popped down to the local plant nursery and saw these little buggers, can't go too wrong with a price like that! I grabbed 3, I already have several large ones but its an addiction, you know what it's like, got to feed the habit!

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