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Washingtonia Filifera Germination

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Hello I was wondering if people could share how they germinate W. Filifera and Robusta seeds, I am wondering what the ideal temperature for germination is, as I have my Filifera seeds in a pot at room temperature with the soil at around 67 F, 2CEF1300-1611-467B-9035-2E6D35ECE99B.thumb.jpeg.049ad7042ceeff7f4523c6032c605930.jpegwill they germinate?


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You're going to want a minimum of 72F, but you should probably try for 80 or above.

Hopefully someone else knows the exact temperature range.

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They’ll germinate, it just may take longer. There’s no big secret with Washingtonia seeds. They’re prolific germinators. I’ve germinated them in a variety of ways. I soak mine for a minimum of 5 days, changing the water every so often. After 7 or 8 days they may even start germinating in the water. I always get a high percentage of success. I find soaking them for a long time speeds up the process. 

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