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    • xoRudy
      By xoRudy
      Quick question about my Mule Palm. So far its been growing great here in the desert, other than a few burnt fronds this summer. Its been putting out a new frond for a while now and I walked out this morning to the Palm looking like this. Is it normal that my new frond is too weak to hold itself up that it just falls over. The frond looks healthy and green. Or is there something wrong with the palms development? I've seen a few Mule Palms at home depot with the same "issue". Thank you. 
      Maricopa, AZ

    • Matthew92
      By Matthew92
      Was driving through an established neighborhood in the Dr. Phillips suburb of Orlando and found this drop-dead gorgeous mule palm. One of the things I like about it is that the leaves are perfectly flat and not twisted as seen with many other mules.

    • xvang01
      By xvang01
      Can anyone help me id's this palm.?Blue/green leaves and not armed so doesn't seem to be Butia or Jubaea or Mule palm. Anyone??


    • sashaeffer
      By sashaeffer
      Curious does anyone have a Mule palm in the ground they successfully over winter with protection? if so how far north are you(zone)
    • Sanips
      By Sanips
      I've obtained a double seeding with this mule palm seed but one of them look like it's developing two different plumules. What do you think?

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